Artist Label Series Contest


Display your art in a full color label for our fall whiskey release! Possible inclusion in other designs. Exposure for all participating artists who attend our bottle release party!

Contest Rules, Terms, Conditions

Before submitting artwork, please take a look at the contest rules, terms, and conditions.

Contest Rules

How to Submit Artwork

Submitting by Mail

To enter via traditional mail, submit your artwork to us at the address listed below. Include the entrant's full name and contact address, either on the submission envelope itself or on a cover letter included with the submission.

Mosswood Distillers

ATTN: Art Department

2619 7th St, STE A

Berkeley, CA 94710

Submitting Digital Art

Digital art submissions must meet the following criteria:

Acceptable File Types: .ai, jpeg, tiff, png
Resolution: 300 ppi (minimum)
Colorspace: CMYK
File size: Not to exceed 10MB

For files exceeding 10 MB, send us "share links" with one of the cloud services listed below containing your art files: 

Google Drive

Please submit your artwork to the following email address and be sure to include your name in both the subject line and filenames.

Multiple participants are not permitted to share the same email address. 

Use template button links for accurate sizing.

You may choose to submit a label set, for the front of the bottle and one for the back. If this is your intention, please indicate on the file name. The template is the same for both front and back, but a set is not required.

If you intend your artwork to bleed off the page, please include art larger than content area to facilitate a bleed. 

Please note that, if chosen, your art will be sent to our typography team for final design. Our professional team will place text respectably and desirably over the art for the final touches, and following our legal obligations of the federal label alcohol governing board. 

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