Our Philosophy

We believe in a product that is subtle, nuanced, and tells a story. Our ideas spring from the glass and travel throughout the senses, so imbibers take a journey through time and process, and allow for an opportunity to explore the foundations of cocktails and local culinary habits diffused into a humble dram.

Meet the Team

Mosswood started with a passion for whiskey. But how did it all start? Learn about the founding couple, Jake and Therese, and how the business gears started turning.  


Why Sourcing?

One of the most difficult decisions the team made in the founding months, and about which we are proud to be honest. But why are we sourcing and not distilling on our own? This was a tough decision for us. We are thrilled to hone in on aging, finishing, blending, and proofing. These steps are inherent to the final product, and we are lucky to commit our focus on these processes.

Our Aging Process

We certainly deem it important to make our mark on what we release. Find out how. 

A Podcast with Little Secrets of Ours

Listen if you dare...

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