Ume Plum flavored Rum release

We are excited to announce our first ever flavored rum release: Ume Rum! The ume plum is a special fruit commonly used in Japanese cuisine for its tart, dry qualities. Using our Day Rum, we macerate plums we source from a third generation Japanese farmer in the central coast of California. Once the rum soaks up enough plum, we pull the rum and transfer it to an ex bourbon barrel. At this point, the rum is extremely tart, and will need some sweetening through the barrel, and sweetener added.

While the Ume Rum settles in the barrel, we pour sugar over the plums to create a syrup for the rum. The sugar eventually liquifies, and we slowly add the plum sweetener to the rum.

Our rum is tart! To some it is reminiscent of Li Hing Mui and to others Lavashak. Writing tasting notes on a flavored spirit seems a bit redundant. We think it tastes a lot like ume: tart, savory fruit meat, maybe even an almond note from the pit. It is bright and fun to play with in cocktails. Try it with citrus, bubbles, a combination of the two, or just pour it over ice!

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