Donation Requests

We strive to be good citizens and neighbors by supporting organizations that work to improve our community. In our five years, we have supported many non-profit groups working in the fields of the arts, education, environmental protection, and social services.

Before making a donation request, please note that we are able to consider donation requests only from registered 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.

If you are a California-based non-profit organization, please note: In order for us to make a spirits donation to your event, your non-profit must obtain a one-day license directly from the ABC to serve spirits. Though you may choose to have a caterer serve spirits at your event, your non-profit organization (and not the caterer) must hold a license for us to be able to make a donation. We also cannot donate spirits to an event that is being held at a bar or restaurant with a liquor license, unless the venue surrenders its license for the day and your organization obtains a license.

Please also note that due to the high volume of requests that we receive, we cannot possibly fulfill every request. That said, we do consider every request and try our best to balance our givings we can spare as a micro company. Thank you for your interest and understanding.

Thanks to St. George Spirits for providing the template to spell these details out.