Tropical Thunder

Want to serve cocktails at your party, but don’t want to play bartender all night? Done. This punch is a fine cocktail, self served by your guests. We’ve tested this at many holiday parties, and it always runs out. Sometimes we serve it alongside sparkling water or club soda, a nice option for a long drink–people can top off their punch glass with the bubbles. A self-served long drink! Cheers.

Mosswood Punch: Tropical Thunder

1 bottle Mosswood Apple Brandy or Sour Ale Barrel
¼ cup cherry brandy
¼ cup Yellow Chartreuse
1 ½ cup black tea
1 cup lemon juice
1 cup pineapple juice
½ cup oleo saccharum or simple syrup

Mix together well. Fill the punch bowl or pitcher with ice. Serve in tea cups for extra fun. Serves about 16.

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