Rotating Single Barrel Aged Whiskey

Current Release: Batch #4

Scotch Barrel Aged Whiskey, bottled by hand. Released April 1st, 2017.

First Release
Pinot Noir Barrel. Our very first edition of the rotating barrel series, we released a single barrel of whiskey in a Pinot Noir barrel from Duckhorn Winery. Each release is limited to one unique barrel. Collect them all.
Batch #2
Umeshu finished whiskey. This house made umeshu (Japanese plum wine) seasoned our ex-bourbon barrels. Whence removed, we promptly replaced with our whiskey for about 6 months.
Batch #3
Nocino finished whiskey. This house made Nocino (Walnut Liqueur) seasoned our ex-bourbon barrels. Whence removed, we promptly replaced with our whiskey for about 6 months.

Allotting our team creative license for limited barrel releases.

This whiskey has a complex taste with a sensual journey.

The Gray Label and its Innovations

The Rotating Barrel series is a small batch project here at Mosswood. We run with our wild ideas for a single barrel and bottle it up to share. 

Our first batch was a whiskey finished in a Duckhorn Pinot Noir barrel. This matured to a beautiful amber brown color and meanders in your mouth with elements of bright berries gracing vanilla and carmel.  

Our second batch was finished in a barrel seasoned with our own house-made Umeshu, a tart Japanese plum wine, for one year. Upon seasoning, we remove the Umeshu and fill the barrel with the whiskey for 6 months. This lends a beautiful nose: cantaloupe, black pepper, caramel; and a complex palate: Asian pears, loquats, vanilla, bitter almonds, ginger, creme brûlée. 
Our third batch was finished in a barrel seasoned with Mosswood Nocino made from our household walnut tree. Once the barrel is good and soaked, the nocino is emptied and replaced with our 9 year old whiskey for about 6 months. The Nocino Barrel finish lends a rich, round nose, filling the senses completely, lending notes of cocoa, salt water taffy, tobacco, leather, pine, lemon, persimmon. On the palate, chocolate, clove, burnt orange, leather, tart cherry, brine. 
Our current batch #4, Mosswood Scotch Barrel Aged American Whiskey is 9 years old, which then rests for an additional 6 months in a barrel used previously for scotch maturation. This implores a transposition, similar to our Mosswood Ale Barrel Aged Whiskey, in which we take a typical barrel aging process done by scotch makers and reverse it. Instead of a scotch aged in an ex- bourbon barrel, here you will find an American whiskey, similar to a bourbon, aged in an ex- scotch barrel. Sensual nose- cocoa, salt water taffy, green apple, honey, basil, lemon, strawberry, chamomile. On the palate- butterscotch, lemon cake, brine, vanilla ice cream, delicate smoke, barley tea. Enjoy!