Espresso Barrel Aged Whiskey

Winner of the Silver Medal, Whiskies of the World Competition

Current Release: Batch #5

First Release
Our very first edition of the Espresso finished whiskey was with bourbon from Tennessee, bottled by hand December 14th, 2013.
Batch #2
Our second batch of Espresso finished whiskey was bottled by hand in 2014.
Whiskey Club Release
Cask Strength Espresso finished whiskey bottled by hand January 22nd, 2015 for Healthy Spirits' Whiskey Club release in March.
Batch #3
Our third batch of Espresso finished whiskey was bottled by hand New Years 2015.
Batch #4
We bottled this baby up basically for our honeymoon!

Your go-to ingredient for a chocolate bittered Old-fashioned and dessert cocktails.

Use this gem for any classic whiskey cocktails.

Our Most Unique Member of the Flagship Three

Enjoy the Espresso barrel and its long standing history with Mosswood. This was our second ever release and are proud of its continued results. Once the whiskey has matured, it is finished in a barrel seasoned with a cold brew of Bicycle Coffee's Espresso Roast. As a result, the whiskey has notes of milk chocolate, roasted nuts, red fruits and coffee. The finish is subtle yet bold, with hints of coffee balanced against a sweet undertone.