CA Sour Ale Barrel Aged Whiskey

Current Release: Batch #2

Ex- Drake's Brewery Barrels : Bottled by hand 2015

First Release
Our very first edition of the Sour Ale finished whiskey was a collaboration with our neighbors Rare Barrel. This was great fun rolling the barrel around the corner, from their warehouse to ours. Zero emissions, besides some minimal noise pollution.
Batch #3
This batch is currently aging in the Sour Ale barrels, and will soon be ready to bottle.

With local breweries making a beautifully unique dram.

A complex taste with a full and creamy mouthfeel, conjuring up notes of pineapple and caramel, in the tradition of whiskey.

A Flagship Three Mosswood Innovation

The Sour Ale Barrel originated from our research and development department's small barrel experiments. We knew we wanted to make a whiskey aged in a beer cask, but had yet to land on the style of beer. We talked with local breweries about their barrel aged beers. Many at the time were heavy-bodied imperial stouts and porters, with high ABV and strong chocolate, coffee, and caramel characteristics. We thought that sounded like a delicious complement to the profile of our whiskey, so we test-batched an Imperial Stout aged Whiskey. What came of it was interesting, but not quite balanced enough for us—the whiskey was profoundly coconut flavored!
We took what we learned from that experiment, and used a beer on a different taste profile spectrum as our ACE'd technique. This was a floral hopped red ale, and after some time in the small barrel, we revisited it to transfer whiskey into the beer barrel. Upon opening the barrel, the ale had naturally soured, much like what we are seeing with new sour beers on the market. What many breweries, and us at the time, consider a mistake, we contrarily found the beer to smell fresh and tart, and taste similar to an apple cider lemonade. It was delicious, so we took a small risk (it is the research and development department after all) and filled the experimental barrel with whiskey. What came of it was a fantastic and complex whiskey.
Thus our search began for sour ale barrels, and we have a great time partnering with local brewery Drake's Barrel Program.

Mosswood Yellow Label