Apple Brandy Barrel Aged Whiskey

Current Release: Batch #4

Bottled by hand 2016

Whiskey finished in ex-Germain-Robin Apple Brandy barrels.

First Release
Our very first edition of the Apple Brandy finished whiskey was with bourbon from Tennessee, bottled by hand October 6th, 2013.
Batch #2
Our second batch of Apple Brandy finished whiskey was bottled by hand January 13th, 2014.
Bottled by hand 2016
Batch #3
Released in the Summer of 2015
Batch #5
Light Whiskey is currently aging in ex-bourbon barrels, almost ready to be transferred to the Apple Brandy barrels.

Your go-to for Mint Juleps and Mulled Spice Cider

Use this gem with any of your classic whiskey cocktails.

Our Original Release, and A Mosswood Maintstay

This is a certified member of Mosswood's Flagship Three. Enjoy the Apple Brandy barrel and its long standing history with Mosswood. These barrels were used to mature an apple brandy distilled in upstate California, considered one of the best Apple Brandies in the world from Germain-Robin, and complement the whiskey’s notes of oak, vanilla and caramel with hints of fresh citrus and baked apples. This was our first ever release and are proud of its continued results. A well-balanced quality of fruits and vanillas, lending itself well to sipping and mixing alike.