Meet Team Mosswood

Team Mosswood

Mosswood began out of a passion for whiskey. Therese Agnew learned distilling from a professor, on a reconstructed water heater upon which she soldered a copper column. Soon after, she met Jake Chevedden, a whiskey enthusiast from years of retail, and thus the research and development began.

Observing the transformation of ingredients over time and maintaining an ideal environment along the way is a fascinating adventure for Therese and Jake. The end result is a timepiece that represents its journey via your senses.

The couple's skills bring forth a strong balance to the team. Jake's interest in the history of whiskey production and spirit aging, adjoined with Therese's artistic background and keen olfaction makes a unique match for their dedication to the Mosswood brand.

The Origin of the Name

Throughout planning and licensing, Jake and Therese would stroll Mosswood Park in Oakland to re-energize. As a sense of place and calling back to an important place for the city of Oakland, the name Mosswood was born. Starting on Treasure Island, Mosswood Distillers is fortunate to find their true home in Berkeley, California, nearest their home and origins of business planning.

The name is very much a part of our intention to be in touch locally, and work with all the incredible local makers as much as possible. We work with many partners including, but not limited to:

Drake's Brewery    Rare Barrel Sour Beer Co

Germain-Robin     Arkansas Black

Four Barrel Coffee     Duckhorn Winery

and more...